Radio TETRA Motorola MTP3200


The TETRA MTP3000 series radios are equipped with features that have become essential for safe and efficient operations and also have significant improvements in areas such as audio and robustness. The user interface is optimized for those transitioning from analog radios and contains two controls for group and volume.

Made to meet the challenges of demanding environments.
Sharing the easy-to-use look of the MTP3100, the MTP3200 has both GPS and Bluetooth and is also optimized for outstanding audio performance and durability in all types of noise and demand situations where user safety is paramount. For experienced TETRA users, this radio is a powerful unit equipped with excellent features like Bluetooth connectivity, which enables connection to wireless accessories and concomitant devices such as scanners and printers. The MTP3200 TETRA portable radio delivers the high performance and reliability required to increase workforce productivity and ensure user safety. Leveraging the best features of a two-way radio for public safety, the MTP3200 is designed to ensure clear, high-definition communications even in high-noise work environments.

Features and Benefits

One device for all essential communications
The MTP3200 radio takes full advantage of TETRA digital technology to provide productivity and security to the workforce. Contains exceptional audio quality with full duplex voice services, PSTN and PSTN interconnection, individual and group calls, emergency and priority calls, Short Data Services and location services The MTP3200 also benefits from the inherent protection of TETRA digital signage. Together with the Mutual Authentication feature, the MTP3200 provides a secure communications platform.

Simple and easy to use interface
To minimize staff training costs, the MTP3200 leverages a user-friendly, instantly familiar, cell-phone-style user interface. It also contains a color display with support for 26.200k of vivid color and large fonts. Convenience is further enhanced by a customizable menu and simplified keyboard that combine to make device interaction quick and intuitive.

Unified communications, integrated security

  • Torsion and conventional operating modes
  • Full duplex PBX and PSTN interconnect
  • Personal security features and emergency calls
  • Optional integrated GPS for team tracking.

Data Enhancement Productivity Applications
Introduces the industry’s largest application developer program that delivers customized data applications for your business needs: location tracking, work order management, shipping, and telephony.

High performance, made to last

  • Rugged and developed for optimum reliability under adverse conditions
  • Superior audio quality for the most demanding environments
  • Wide variety of accessories to offer a customized solution
  • Optimized user interface
  • Remote programming installation for economical management of radio terminals
  • High power audio, compatible with objectivity and practicality
  • High resolution color display
  • Made to overcome the challenges of fire, riots and coffee.
  • IP65 and new and sturdy side and bottom connector
  • To maintain contact in longer lanes and within buildings.

Share information instantly with bluetooth data
Connect to Bluetooth data devices without the use of wires, making it easy to share information in real time.