Radio Motorola EP450

The Motorola EP450 radio with keyboard and display, modern and innovative design, ergonomic, lightweight and compact, ensuring its quality.

The EP450 portable radio has several features that stand out: 64channels, 8-character alphanumeric display, various frequency ranges, PL DPL, integrated VOX and various battery options

An affordable solution to provide a high quality service.

  • The EP450 is available with 64 channels and Display and 16 channels without Display
  • Selective Call
  • PTT-ID
  • Radio Selective Inhibition
  • Priority Scan
  • Integrated VOX

64 Channels
Organize your work teams into several individual conversation groups. An ideal tool for complex operations where communication between different teams is essential.

8-character alphanumeric display
With easy-to-understand icons, they provide information on the status of functions such as scanning, high / low power and received signal strength.

Dual Priority Scan
Use the activity scan on the priority channel but frequently to avoid losing vital information. Use this function for situations where you need to supervise one or two groups more frequently.

Internal Voice Activated Transmission (VOX)
With the help of an appropriate accessory, you can talk and listen without having to use your hands. Do not interrupt your tasks to save time and be more productive.

Selective Inhibition of EP450 Radio
The EP450 radio is equipped with a safety feature that allows it from time to time to track inoperative units when an inhibit signal is sent from the base station. This feature is normally used for disabled radios, in case of theft or for system control reasons. When the radio is located by the base station, all controls will be out of service with the exception of the power button.

PTT-ID (send / receive)
You optimize your time by quickly identifying the users of the radios.

Immediate responses to the demands of each task

A dynamic and extensive work area, involving a large number of people; the best way to coordinate working groups through communication.

More and more hotels offer service advantages to their guests. For this, it is necessary to invest in communication technologies that streamline operations in a reduced time.

Streamline communication between staff and deliveries, allowing each task to be performed in the shortest possible time. This is answer to the needs of your customers.

Private security
In a competitive market, it is a daily challenge to stay on the cutting edge by offering services more efficiently and effectively. Creating and applying preventive and proactive measures in the area of ​​security. Maintaining confidentiality and prompt response.

More capacity for your radios with Original Motorola Accessories
To optimize the operation of your radios, Motorola has a wide range of Original Accessories that allow you to satisfy each of your communication needs. Motorola Original Accessories are developed taking care of every detail to ensure effectiveness and durability.

EP450 Portable Radio Features

  • 64 channels
  • 4 Programmable Buttons
  • CSQ / PL / DPL
  • Busy Channel Lock
  • Exclusive reception channel
  • Selective Call (send / receive)
  • Voice Compression (X-Pand)
  • Internal Transmission Voice Activity (VOX)
  • Full keyboard (3 × 4)
  • 8 character display
  • Elimination of noisy channel
  • Call alert (send / receive)
  • Radio check (reception)
  • Selective Radio Inhibit (reception)
  • Transmission time limiter
  • PTT-ID (send / receive)
  • Repeater / Direct Communication
  • Dual Priority Scan
  • MDC-1200 Signaling
  • Quik-Call II signaling (send / receive)
  • DTMF signaling (sending)

EP450 Codes: