Radio MTM5400 TETRA Mobile Repeater/Gateway


The Motorola MTM5400 TETRA DMO Gateway / Repeater, developed in conjunction with Cleartone, the leading provider of TETRA Gateway / Repeater technology, improves radio use and performance in areas where coverage is compromised. Within buildings, in underground locations or where handheld radios are limited, the MTM5400 can extend the reach of TETRA systems.


Multiple operational modes delivering powerful mobile TETRA services

  • Standard TETRA Mobile 5W;
  • DMO Gateway, extends network coverage;
  • DMO Repeater improves Direct Mode performance.

Proven capability and set of functions

  • Improved Data Performance;
  • Multiple compartment package data provides quick access to information.

Integrated GPS option

  • Increase efficiency through the ability to locate resources;
  • Locate users who need assistance.

Common User Interface

  • Common keys and menu structures like other Motorola TETRA terminals;
  • Simplifies user empowerment.

Full and flexible installation options

  • Compatible with DIN, available with support on a panel and remote head.

Portfolio of common accessories

  • Accessories shared with other Motorola mobile platforms.