Radio MotoTRBO SL8550


From corporate executives and hotel managers to private security agents and airport operators, the MOTOTRBO ™ SL8550 radio keeps you connected instantly and in complete control. Incredibly thin and light, the SL8550 represents the latest in discrete communications. Versatile and powerful, the MOTOTRBO SL8550 portable radio has been specially designed to meet the customer communication needs of the hotel, service, security and airport areas. It does not weigh more than any standard smartphone. Its slim design and innovative features, such as Intelligent Audio, overt mode and integrated Bluetooth, help you to improve your level of professionalism and discretion, allowing you to optimize your customer service and response times.

With the MOTOTRBO SL8550 radio, we’ve been able to reinvent bi-directional digital communications and redefine everything you expect from radio technology. Our extensive and complete MOTOTRBO portfolio of mobile and portable radios, repeaters, accessories, data applications, software and services can help you transform your business and equip your staff with unmatched discrete voice and data communications in real time so they can collaborate as never before. This is Reinventing the Digital.


Highly intuitive color screen

Improved 5-line screen with interface based on an extremely flexible menu. Photo sensor integrated to adjust the background of the screen in an intuitive way to optimize the visualization even in broad daylight. Night mode makes it easy to read in dark environments.

The best audio performance in its category

High-performance front-end speakers and truly unique features such as Intelligent Audio and Voice Announcement enhance the clarity with which you can speak and listen regardless of the environment your employees work in.

Expand your capacity and coverage

Experience MOTOTRBO’s broad range of coverage. O
IP Site Connect uses the Internet to extend coverage with the goal of creating an extended area network, while the single-site Capacity Plus trunking system can expand capacity to more than 1,000 users without the need to incorporate new frequencies .

Share information immediately with Bluetooth data connectivity

Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled data devices and share information in real time very easily.

Highly flexible and simplified text message

Use text messages in cases where discretion or routine communications are required that need to be made available without disrupting the activities of staff or guests.

Data applications designed to improve productivity

Provides the industry’s most important application developer program; includes customized data applications tailored to your business needs: location, work order entry management, Bluetooth data, email gateways, dispatch, telephony, and rugged worker.

Shrouded and discreet mode in the moments that matter

Simplified discrete communications; the hidden mode turns off the display, the visible LEDs and the audible tones. Vibrating alert is another discreet communication option.

Total freedom to move around

Experience convenient communications with integrated Bluetooth audio to the radio. Enjoy Motorola’s exclusive wireless headsets for critical operations, especially designed for simplified and reliable wireless communication.

Increased efficiency with work order ticket management

Read and respond to work orders on time