Rádio Motorola PRO 5150 Intrisecamente Seguro


HT4 sells and rents Intrinsically Safe radios, model PRO5150IS.

Intrinsically Safe radios have components and accessories produced with the safety of their assets and employees in mind. Many of our customers make use of PRO5150IS radios.

Specially designed for work in explosive atmospheres such as oil refineries, silos, etc., intrinsically safe motorola radios prevent the elimination of sparks and electric discharges, without compromising the weight or quality of transmission of the devices.

These radios are certified in Brazil by the agency responsible CEPEL-INMETRO

Product code:

LAH25KDC93-Q90-VHF (136-174 MHz) 5W 110V – NiMH
LAH25KDC93-Q902-VHF (136-174 MHz) 5 W 220V – NiMH
LAH25RDC93-Q90-UHF (403-470 MHz) 4W 110V – NiMH
LAH25RDC93-Q902-UHF (403-470 MHz) 4W 220V – NiMH
LAH25KDC93-Q89-VHF (136-174 MHz) 5 W 110V – NiCd
LAH25KDC93-Q892-VHF (136-174 MHz) 5 W 220V – NiCd
LAH25RDC93-Q89-UHF (403-470 MHz) 4W 110V-NiCd
LAH25RDC93-Q892-UHF (403-470 MHz) 4W 220V – NiCd